My Bio and Some Infos

Patrick Smith

I’m an aspiring game designer who needs to get some of his thoughts on games out there. I’m in my third year of college. Spent two years figuring out teaching music would slowly drain the life out of me. Now I’m a computer science major who’s learning to make games on the side. I make pixel art, I am currently learning how to use Game Maker Studio 2, I am learning how to code in C++, and I have probably played enough games to make a lesser man go blind or have a thriving social life.

Pumpkin Pine Game Design

This blog is really just an outlet for all of my random thoughts on games. I’ll be posting biweekly about things like discussing game design junk, reviewing some I’ve played recently, and maybe general media recommendations. It’ll be used to explore my thoughts and feelings on many aspects of medium and to have an audience listen to my ramblings. I hope to expand my understanding of games as well as my audience’s. The site will be open to comments (When I have it set up) and I’ll post my email to get into contact with me. I’ll always be open to chat or take feedback. Any criticism will be very appreciated!

The site will also be a journal of sorts, documenting my foibles as I work my way to become a game designer. I’ll give updates on things that I’m currently working on or learning. I’ll also link the site to my other social media accounts where you can check out my work (when I figure out how to do that). I’ll also be open to holding discussions about the field or taking recommendations on steps I can take to get more experience.

To conclude, let me just say this blog is gonna be a MESS for a while. I have never done anything like this before and I am working out a lot of the kinks. I’m also not the most experienced writer in the world so excuse me for grammatical atrocities. I’ll probably be tweeking little things on a daily basis. I’m also sorta new to this concept of the “internet” so that doesn’t exactly help my case. There are a lot of things I plan on adding to the site so I will keep you all updated!